Facility Assessments Guide Administrators Before Starting Building Projects.

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With the expansion of growing businesses across the country, the need to plan capital expenditures accurately is imperative. A facilities assessment from Estes can deliver a unique analysis that can help you wisely invest capital and make a strategic plan for future expenditures. A facilities assessment is a process in which a team of experts is assembled by Estes to evaluate a healthcare facility’s real estate, investment needs, and other factors. An assessment can focus on an entire campus of buildings or just one single unit. Assessing your facilities can also help you decide what changes may need to be made through demolition, new construction, an addition or renovation.

The first step in a facilities assessment is to define objectives, followed by setting goals for final outcomes. Once the team is assembled, it determines which buildings will be assessed and to what level of detail. Establishing these parameters and utilizing a rating system helps organize the flow of information.

Once the data on the building’s condition has been collected, it moves to Estes’ pre-construction department for budgeting. Costs and time are calculated and minimizing disruption to patients and staff are a critical consideration for project phasing.

When the assessment has been completed, the team presents administrators with a book containing the conclusion of their work. This gives key decision makers the best guide to what needs to be done now versus later, still an important consideration for capital budgeting.